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Delo 400 SDE 10W-30 Approved for Two New OEM Specifications

Delo 400 SDE 10W-30 approved for two new OEM specifications – Ford WSS-M2C171-F1 and Renault RLD-3.

Delo 400 SDE 10W-30 delivers fuel efficiency, while also delivering the same durability as Delo 400 SDE 15W-40. Fuel efficiency helps lower on-highway vehicle cost-per-mile, or equipment operating cost-per-hour metrics.

Delo 400 SDE 10W-30 is excellent for use in new, advanced engines developed to meet the latest emissions and reliability standards, and is formulated for engines operating under severe service and a wide range of climatic conditions. It’s an API CK-4 heavy duty engine oil that is backwards compatible with diesel engines in which the API CJ-4, CI-4, CI-4 Plus and CH-4 service categories are recommended.

For more features, benefits and applications, view the Product Data Sheet here.