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More Than A Fleet Card

With CFN you’ll receive a level of service that “card only” fleet card providers simply cannot match.


-  Fraud Prevention
-  Card Controls
-  Efficiency

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There are tonnes of different costs associated with trucking. From finding affordable HGV insurance for a young driver to taking the trucks to a garage so they can be repaired to filling them with fuel. And while a fleet card can’t help you reduce all these costs, it can definitely help you save money on fuel. Start reducing your monthly fueling bills by using our dedicated card.


Productivity is key for trucking companies. The more deliveries they make, the more profit they’re going to make. This is why everything is planned in advance – from truck repairs (take a look at the official website of the Ferguson Truck Center to find out more about this) to scheduling drivers to sorting out delivery times. And now, there’s another resource they can use to help increase their productivity.

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY with a nationwide network, 24/7 access, and web/mobile app site locators, trucking companies can truly benefit from having a fleet card. When managing a fleet of truck drivers, it’s vital that they all have access to a card that they can get fuel with, especially if they’re traveling far. That’s why fuel cards are so essential. They’re also incredibly straightforward to use, so new recruits don’t have to worry about purchasing fuel any differently. As trucking companies can increase their productivity with these fuel cards, they’ll probably be taking out more work. If that happens, they could always consider looking for a trucking recruiter software system to help them effectively choose the correct candidate to ensure they can keep up with demand. With more truck drivers being added to your fleet, it will be important for them to have access to fuel as and when they need it.


Prevent unauthorized purchases with gallon and daily transaction limits. Set the time of day and days of week that purchases can be made.


Buy only what you need – fuel, oil and DEF.


Designed for commercial use only.

  • Ingress/egress for large trucks
  • High-speed dispensers
  • Quick refueling: no C-store/truck stop distractions
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Now accepted at over 57,00 locations, including: CFN, Fuelman, Pilot, Flying J, Speedway, Sinclair, Love's, Chevron, and Texaco.